Holiday Biscotti

What are the holidays without a cookie, or in my case an Italian biscuit known as biscotti. I was first introduced to this recipe about six years ago by a pastry chef I used to represent and thought it was perfect for the holidays since it contained pistachios and cranberries. It’s also a take on a cookie I used to love as a child that my grandmother and aunt used to make known as mandelbrot.  I’ve adapted the recipe over the years, but this year I found what I believe to be THE biscotti recipe. If anyone has ever tried to make biscotti you’ll know that the dough is super sticky and often hard to handle. This recipe has dough that is manageable if you just prepare your board and your hands with plenty of flour. I also tend to add chocolate chips, as I love the salty sweet combination, but really you could add any dried fruit, nut, chocolate or spices that you’d like…

biscotti 3

Now I needed to package them up! I decided I wanted to bring these to anyone’s house we were invited to during the month of December, as well as of course for my family’s Christmas lunch. I found some relatively cheap preserving jars, which is great for biscotti since it can last several weeks if stored in an air-tight container like this, and adorned them with some festive plaid ribbon and cute mini-ornaments (notice they match my holiday card colors – accident, I think not!). I also decided to personalize each one with either the last name or initials using some gold mini stick-on letters. Et voila, custom holiday gifts!

biscotti in jar


These were from 2011 when I made them to put at each person’s place setting…



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