Baby Journal

When I first learned I was pregnant I knew I wanted to document my pregnancy in the form of a journal, which I thought would make a nice gift to my daughter when she got pregnant. So, I found the journal my sister-in-law gave me a few birthday’s ago that I had tucked away and began writing on the very first day the doctor told us we were expecting.

Baby Journal

{The journal (from Anthrophology), which I try to write in as much as possible with how we both are doing; what I’m thinking/feeling at the moment; and helpful tips for when she’s pregnant}

Baby Journal

{This is the beginning of the journal, which has a great little pouch. I inserted some photos and a CD my husband and I created of songs for her. We thought it would be neat 30 or so years from now for her to hear what we liked back when she was born.}

Baby Journal

{I’ve added photos from her ultrasounds and mounted them with washi tape}

Baby Journal

{Some more photos of my husband working on her room and one of us, which we took for our graphic designer who created a super awesome birth announcement for us (I’ll share that when she arrives)}

Baby Journal

{Photos of the baby bump at 7 months}

I’m was 30 days away from her due date yesterday and am now in the process of providing her with 30 thoughts on pregnancy, parenting and petite life lessons. I still have quite a few pages left, so I plan on documenting her milestones as well instead of buying a separate baby book. We’re over the moon waiting for her arrival! In the meantime, happy journaling….


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